Why I Chose BSc. (Hons) Mathematics 

  • BCom (Hons) & Eco (Hons) is too mainstream now-a-days.
  • English Hons is wayyyy wayyyy too mainstream. And no scope except being a professor or a writer (which I don’t want to be) 
  • Wanted to build confidence and that is possible only by doing a tough course with lots of competition and dedication. 
  • Wanted overall development which again comes with confidence which I will achieve in this course. 
  • Wanted to prove all the haters of my family wrong and also to be the first one by choosing a totally different line. 
  • Maths Hons = Intelligent student (common conception) = Respect 
  • Mom agreed to it and her decisions are always the best for me. 
  • Could achieve my Dreams along with pursuing my favorite subject, eco, as GE. 
  • Amazing societies and college life being more fun because of balance between fun and studies which will make sure I remain focused in my life. 
  • LAST BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT : I LOVE WINNING! And there is competition at every question so I can win every minute 😎

    So even if i have second thoughts (totally negligible because of above motivating reasons) but I gotta take this challenge! I’ll write a blog here after three years on how it was the best decision of my life and what all amazing memories i took from my college!!!!! Love My Life and my new COLLEGE 😍 

    P.S : Today was my first day at my lovely college ❤❤❤❤ (20 July 2017)


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