Hey sir,

I don’t know if you will ever read this or not but i really want you to know that you are the best teacher I have ever got. You are no less than God to me. My best friend and my Guru!! You seriously have no idea how much i adore you and want to be like you! You have a solution to every problem (and a joke after every solution :p). Yesterday i had my boards exam and though i wanted to get 100 so i can show you you are the best but after talking to you i realised that this is not the end and i have so many opportunities ahead. I wish I was one of your family members so that I could talk to you everyday and forget all my worries. Your classes were the favourite part of my life .. All the jokes, embarrassment, *besti-proof-training*, the serious talks about life, tips for exams EVERYTHING!! It makes me so so emotional to realise that this time would never come back and i would not able to attend your class thrice a week. It was all such a beuatiful phase and it is so hard to accept it has ended… And sir, if i ever get an opportunity i would tell all the students of this world to leave everything else and just attend your classes. I feel so so so blessed and i am so grateful to god that he came to teach me the best lessons of my life in such a beautiful form.. YOU SIR ❤. I know I can’t tell all this to you in person because i am too shy which i do not show because it feels so wierd to be unable to express my feelings. You might not know but I seriously had no best friend unless i found you and realised what a best friend is like. I wish I could tell you everything in my life because you are such a great philosopher, motivator, mentor and the best of everything anyone could ever think of. I love your strategies about all spheres of life, be it studies, early rising, being a game changer EVERYTHING!!! I wish God gives you all the best things in life and i am able to do the best for you whenever i can!! All this might sound very emotional but it really took a lot of courage to even write this down when i know you are not reading this. One more thing.. I wrote all of this without pressing the backspace button. So it is actually what came out of my heart. And this really is just 0.00000001% of my love and gratitude towards you. I can never stop writing if it comes to appreciating you as a teacher and as a human being. May god bless you with everything everything and everything. You are the best sir. My first and last BEST FRIEND FOREVER. 💕

Love you!!

With high regards,