25 facts about me

Hey guys I am up with another blog for which I am really excited about.. Explore me more through this blog!!!

  • I totally love food

Well this might seem very mainstream nowadays, but no!! I am truly, crazily, amazingly MAD FOR FOOD! No lies. I love all kinds of food (especially street food and all such junk food) ..

You can imagine me looking at food with that heart-eye emoji!! 😉 ;p


  • I am a very confused person

Yes, i really am confused all the times and I keep thinking about what i say and what people might think about me and what thry should not have said or i should have said or not said. Wait. What? :p

  • I am very shy around boys

Yup, being in girls school I really feel very hesitant around guys. And if i find two seats next to a boy, I would always prefer sitting one seat away. ;/

  • I love fairy lights

Now this is something that makes me so damn happy just by thinking about it. FAIRY LIGHTS!! They are just so enchanting and I, honesty can starr at them all day long without blinking. ❤

  • I am very girly

Purple and pink color attracts me. I love everything more glittery. I love bright colours around me. I love infinite accessories. I think of me as a princess in a fairy tale. Yes i am totally a girly. (Though sometimes i try not to show it to people.)

  • I love Polaroids

Like every other girl, I have a fantasy for polaroids and the pictures. Because… It is just so perfect always!!


  • I Love stationery and stuff 

It was only after I watched Zoella’s stationery haul that I discovered that I was not the only one who loved stationery so much!! Phewwww ;p I actually love just roaming around in the stationery section and observing the new stationeries and stuffing them into my trolley. Everytime my mom goes fir shopping, I secretly add stationery in the shopping list 😉 And since she knows how much I love it, she always brings new bunch of things!!

  •  I love collecting lip balms

    This is just an extension to the fifth point. I have a huge lip balm collection and i am never tired of gathering more ;p ;D

    • I adore Jelena and consider Selena as my idol
    • I am a travel fanatic and I tatally love afventures
    • I love to hang out with open minded people 
    • I empathise with people a lot
    • I love listening to songs on my favourite headphones
    • Once i start loving a song, I listen to it on repeat till the time i love it no more ;p
    • I love Justin Bieber more than anything
    • I love staying at home in my sweatpants with lots of food and my phone
    • If I am hungry and you offer me any of the following dishes, I’ll eat it as if I have been hungry since 1900 BC xP ;p
    • I love reading books with absolutely no disturbance
    • I love when my family the most. And i can let go any party or friend just to spend some quality time with them.
    • I am a loner with no *bff* but lots and lots of just friends and close friends
    • I share everything with my mom or write it down on my fanpage caption
    • I love to keep things and my thoughts to myself 
    • No one knows I write blogs
    • I totally, insanely, absolutely 100000000% love the following things:

    1. Sunshine
    2. Fragrance candles
    3. Pamper evenings
    4. Coffee
    5. Parents’ smile because of me
    6. Talking to my grandparents
    7. Gifts and surprises
    8. Stationery
    9. Colours
    10. Blogging
    11. Talking to my littke brother
    12. Organising my room
    13. Going through old pictures
    14. Quality time with family 
    15. Watching kids doind crazy things

    I love myself and you all

    xoxo *all the hugs and squeezes*


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    1. Hey there!
      These were so interesting! I loved finding out more about you! My blog is geekyglassesgirlsite.wordpress.com if you want to take a peek and leave a comment!
      Love and kindness,


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