Welcome 2017

images (10).jpg HEY EVERYBODY!! So finally it is the first day of 2017 and i am writing my first blog on the very first day.

I am writing this blog to thank 2016 for all the blessings and happiness it gave me. A no. Of new and amazing things happened to me, some of which I am stating as under. So hold on guys and watch as I totally kill the keyboard keys for the next few minutes.

1. Got rid of a number of negative people

A no. Of negative people (some of which were actually my group of friends) automatically started detaching from me. And I am totally thankful to God for this blessing. It gave me an opportunity to be more self dependent and more confident of who i am. I got time to show my hardwork as i had absolutely no one to stop me, or demotivate me, or just do anything to keep me away from my ambition.

To be honest.. I did not know that they were so harmful for my inner growth and it was only after i left them that I realised WHO I REALLY AM AND WHAT I WANT FROM LIFE. I started becoming more *me* instead of what *people-want-me-to-be*.








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