Being an Ambivert

Dear me, I know you're gregarious and extrovert. But I also know you like being alone. I know you talk to yourself. But there are times when you have endless conversation with others. I know you love attention. But i also know there are days when you feel really annoyed and wanna be totally alone... Continue Reading →


Why I Chose BSc. (Hons) Mathematics 

BCom (Hons) & Eco (Hons) is too mainstream now-a-days. English Hons is wayyyy wayyyy too mainstream. And no scope except being a professor or a writer (which I don't want to be)  Wanted to build confidence and that is possible only by doing a tough course with lots of competition and dedication.  Wanted overall development... Continue Reading →

Another Cinderella Story : Review 

Okay so guys I have decided to be more active here (than on instagram :p) because here we have the right to write huge paragraphs without being weird. Because... That's exactly what blogs are for.. WRITING!!! 😃😃 SO... I just watched the movie Another Cinderella Story (#dontjudge I KNOW IT WAS RELEASED IN 2010). Since,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Free PTC Sites 2017

Are you interested in earning huge money (upto $10000 per month) without investment or skills? Then PTC sites are definitely the best option for you!! You get paid just by clicking ads or completing surveys and referring friends. 😉 Here are a list of 10 Paid-to-Click sites which I found the best according to my... Continue Reading →

25 facts about me

Hey guys I am up with another blog for which I am really excited about.. Explore me more through this blog!!! I totally love food Well this might seem very mainstream nowadays, but no!! I am truly, crazily, amazingly MAD FOR FOOD! No lies. I love all kinds of food (especially street food and all... Continue Reading →

Welcome 2017

 HEY EVERYBODY!! So finally it is the first day of 2017 and i am writing my first blog on the very first day. I am writing this blog to thank 2016 for all the blessings and happiness it gave me. A no. Of new and amazing things happened to me, some of which I am... Continue Reading →

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